The Fitness Challange Quiz
Question Number 1
What are good calories?
A. Healthy Fat
B. Judy Brechin
C. What the fuck is calories
D. Healthy Snack
E. Your Mom is Carol
F. Fuck this quiz
Question Number 2
How is your mother and what does she do?
A. Carol With Multiple Last Names
B. All of the Above
C. A Whore
D. A Dirty "C"
E. Someone who fucked Dad
F. The Span of Satan
Question Number 3
Who makes the best french fries?
A. The French
B. Burger King
C. Dan Alexopoulos
D. McDonalds
E. A & W
F. Your mom
Question Number 4
How big is your dick?
A. 6
B. What dick?
C. 8
D. 7
E. Good enough to fuck your mother
F. 9
Question Number 5
What is the best stoner movie?
A. Half Baked
B. All of the Above
C. A Blank TV Screen
D. Super Troopers
E. Dazed & Confussed
F. Anything with Chapelle