Quizzzzz-Diggity Quiz
Question Number 1
If I was a stain, what kind of stain would I be?
A. Dark and Dirty Stain
B. The kind of stain that you could get out with water
C. A Skid Stain
D. Stain?
E. Banana Stain
F. What stain?
Question Number 2
If I was in a band, what kind of band would I be in?
A. Clearly a mariocchee band
B. emo band
C. the rolling stones
D. a band of my own
E. the turtles and the hares
F. bear bear bear bear band
Question Number 3
What is the movie I love watching but not with my sister and cousin?
A. Peter Pan
B. Cinderella
C. Mirrors
D. Awake
E. X-Men
F. Dirty Dancing
Question Number 4
When I fart, what kind of fart do I fart
A. Excuse me, but In don't fart
B. A fat skinky juicy one that smells like garbage
D. one that no one canh smell or hear
E. one that sounds like a duck
F. i dont really ever fart
Question Number 5
I admit that I have an addiction to?
A. Diet Coke and Water Bottles that squrit lemon juice
B. pancakes, tea, diet coke and handbags
C. Jay Leno and Tony Danza
D. Diet Coke, Dirty Natives, Shoes and Hangbags
E. Stormin' Norman
F. Mr. F's ankle socks