Everybody Loves Raymond Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the name of the Raymonds wife?
A. Debby
B. Marie
C. Debra
D. Allie
E. Frank
F. Robert
Question Number 2
How many kids does Raymond have?
A. 2
B. 1
C. none
D. 3,000
E. some
F. 3
Question Number 3
What is the name of Roberts x wife ?
A. Amy
B. Joey
C. Joan
D. Marie
E. Frank
F. Jona
Question Number 4
What is Maries Husbands name ?
A. larry
B. Robert
C. Homer
D. Raymond
E. Frank
F. Lenny
Question Number 5
Where does Robert meet Staphonia?
A. New Orlands
B. New York
C. ahhhh U.S.A
D. Italy
E. Ohio
F. Wyoming
Question Number 6
What does Raymond do for a living?
A. Hes a exotic hula dancer
B. Hes a sports writer
C. Mafia Hitman
D. Actor
E. ahhh
F. Singer
Question Number 7
What's Amys dads name?
A. Thomas
B. Louis
C. johnny
D. Hank
E. Frank
F. larry
Question Number 8
Where do Rays parents live?
A. Ohio
B. Heaven
C. in a car
D. in a wolf
E. Across the street
F. in the middle of a dessert
Question Number 9
What did you think of this quiz?
A. is it over yet?
B. Ok
C. I loved it !
D. it was cool
E. I hated it
F. F U