VMK quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What day is always an event on vmk?
A. wednesday at 3:00
B. tuesday morning
C. friday night
D. saturday
E. monday
F. friday morning
Question Number 2
What was so hard about the famous blackbeard quets with all the coins and prizes?
A. The last question
B. the part were you had to get a high score on pirates of the carbbean game
C. the first question
D. the part to beat 100 ghosts in the mansion game
E. all of the above
F. none duh >(
Question Number 3
How much did the red dance dress cost?
A. 100 coins
B. 50 coins
C. 30 coins
D. 25 coins
E. 200 coins
F. 500 coins
Question Number 4
When did VMK shut down?
A. may 4th 2007
B. June 21 2008
C. May 21 2008
D. may 21 2007
E. March 5 2009
F. may 1st 2206