WWE Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the original root name of John Cena's finishing move - FU?
A. Fallaway Powerslam
B. Attitude Adjustment
C. Killswitch Protobomb
D. Side Suplex
E. Swing toss
F. Fireman's Knee Drop
Question Number 2
What is Chris Jericho's finishing attack move?
A. Crapbreaker
B. Vacuum Cleaner
C. Bonebreaker
D. Codebreaker
E. Toybreaker
F. Car Driver
Question Number 3
What was the tag team name of Edge and Randy Orton?
A. Rated-RKO
C. Hardy Boyz
D. Dudley Boyz
E. Edge-Orton
F. The Pact
Question Number 4
What is John Cena's move he does before the FU?
A. Side Slam
B. Killswitch Powerbomb
C. Five Knuckle Shuffle
D. Spine Buster
E. Dropkick
F. Super Kick
Question Number 5
Which of the following is not Jeff Hardy's move?
A. Swanton Bomb
B. Whisper in the Wind
C. Twist of Fate
D. Spine Line
E. Hardyac Arrest
F. Playmaker