Bedtime Stories Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the main character's name
A. Billy
B. Joe
C. Skater
D. Bobby
E. Skeeter
F. John
Question Number 2
What is his job?
A. bell-boy
B. manager
C. owner
D. cleaner
E. custody
F. server
Question Number 3
who is he telling bedtime stories to?
A. his cousins
B. niece and nephew
C. daughter and son
D. siblings
E. neighbours
F. daughters
Question Number 4
what was the ending of the first story he told?
A. it starts raining
B. he is fired
C. he gets caught on fire
D. he marries the fairest maiden
E. he lives happily ever after
F. he gets a second chance
Question Number 5
how does the movie end
A. the school is blown up
B. he becomes a teacher
C. the school is saved and he falls in love
D. he breaks up
E. he is killed
F. his sister gets pregnant
Question Number 6
what does it start raining?
A. cars
B. gum balls
C. fire
D. water
E. sour-fuzzies
F. stories
Question Number 7
What do the women do when they get jealous?
A. a rap
B. laughing
C. gasping
D. gassing (farting)
E. the hokey-pokey
F. the chicken dance