Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was Buffy dateing in the 1st season?
A. Zander
B. Ozz
C. Gilles
D. Spike
E. Angel
F. Some dead guy
Question Number 2
How did Buffy die?
A. plane crash
B. vampire sucked her dry
C. trying to save her sister
D. jumping into a portale from hell
E. heartache
F. aids
Question Number 3
What kind of spell did Zander uses of Corniela?
A. death spell
B. love spell
C. sex spell
D. sick spell
E. animal spell
F. drug spell
Question Number 4
How did Spike become a vampire?
A. Another vampire
B. blood poisen
C. Angel bit him
D. Buffy fucked him and changed him
E. died
F. he was drinking blood
Question Number 5
Who does Ozz date?
A. Willow
B. Kelly
C. Marsha
D. Buffy
E. Tara
F. Stepinie
Question Number 6
Who brought Buffy back to life?
A. Ozz
B. Zander
C. Willow
D. Zack
E. Spike
F. Angel
Question Number 7
On the one seen, Springsville is destroyed and Spikes on a bike, who is with him?
A. Buffy
B. Zander
C. Angel
D. Don
E. Tara
F. Willow
Question Number 8
What kind of creature is Ozz?
A. Vampire
B. Demon
C. Angel guard
D. Knight
E. Werewolf
F. The Blob
Question Number 9
What cosses Angel to become evil again?
A. Zander trying to kill him
B. Spike telling he had to
C. Mom said so
D. A kiss
E. Demons will kill him if he doesn't
F. Buffy had sex with him
Question Number 10
In the 4th season how does Buffy go and see ever night?
A. Zander
B. Willow
C. Angel
D. Spike
E. Stacey
F. Gilles
Question Number 11
What happened to Willow in the 4th season
A. She died
B. she become a drug dealer
C. she's a vampire
D. she became a witch
E. she turned into a lesbian
F. she hates life