Standard g10 unit Quiz
Question Number 1
when light passes through a prisim it?
A. goes right through
B. breaks into the visible light spectrum
C. curves the light
D. all the above
Question Number 2
what is the strongest level of electromagnetic radiation?
A. radio
B. micro
C. gamma
D. U.V. rays
E. X-rarys
Question Number 3
when you breack a glow stick a glass tube inside breaks and releases a substance that makes the stick glow. What type of reaction is this?
A. Chemical
B. Physical
C. Mental
D. Act of God
Question Number 4
a person who focuses on the enviroment as a career is known as a ecologist. What do ecologists do?
A. study plants
B. kill birds
C. preserves the wildlife
D. sits down and watches tv
E. A and C
Question Number 5
there are three main points you nead to know when using a concave or convex mirror. they are the center of curviture the vertex and the?
A. focal point
B. in-between point
C. focal length
D. none of the above