Henry VIII Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was Henry's first wife???
A. Catherine of Aragon
B. Anne of Cleves
C. Jane Seymour
D. Catherine Howard
E. Anne Boleyn
F. Catherine Parr
Question Number 2
Whice wife out-lived Henry???
A. Jane Seymour
B. Catherine of Aragon
C. Catherine Howard
D. Catherine Parr
E. Anne of Cleves
F. Anne Boleyn
Question Number 3
What date did Henry die on???
A. Febuary 8th
B. Febuary 3rd
C. January 17th
D. January 21st
E. January 28th
F. January 5th
Question Number 4
In which year did he die???
A. 1539
B. !543
C. !547
D. 1546
E. 1550
F. 1555
Question Number 5
When Henry was young in which sport was he skilled at???
A. Tennis player
B. Cricket player
C. Rugby player
D. Football player
E. Wrestler
F. Horse rider