harry potter quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What is harry's last name?
A. granger
B. weasly
C. potter
D. lovegood
E. changg
F. none of the above
Question Number 2
True or false in book number 5, harry doesn't get in the challenge for the goblet of fire?
A. True
B. False
Question Number 3
Does harry know he's a wizard at first ?
A. yes
B. no
C. kind of but doesn't really believe it
Question Number 4
What are harry's friends' names
A. jessie and bob
B. hermione and ron
C. sarah and
D. max and alexandria ( alex )
E. meagen and fred
F. none of the above
Question Number 5
What happened to harry's parents?
A. they died in a car accident
B. they were killed by a bad wizard named voldemort
C. were shot
D. were ran over
E. they both had a heart attack
F. none of the above