particle modelof matter Quiz
Question Number 1
Solids are made up ?
A. particles that are held together tightly
B. particles that are loosely held and can move around each other
C. particles that are not held together and can move anywhere
Question Number 2
Gas particles are?
A. very close together
B. spread far apart
C. close together
Question Number 3
A. take the shape of the container they are in
B. have a definite shape
C. take the shape of the container, but have a horizontal surface
Question Number 4
Which of the following cannot be compressed?
A. solids and gases
B. solids and liquids
C. gases
D. gases and liquids
Question Number 5
What happens to the particles of a substance when it is heated?
A. the particles move more slowly and make it contract
B. some particles disappear
C. the particles get bigger and make it expand
D. the particles move more quickly and make it expand
Question Number 6
In which of the following are the particles moving fastest?
A. solids
B. liquids
C. gases
D. both solids and gases
Question Number 7
How can you make a substance condense?
A. cool it down
B. heat it up
C. change the container it is in
Question Number 8
When a substance evaporates what happens to its particles
A. the particles move more slowly and move further apart
B. the particles gain energy and escape from the liquid
C. the particles lose energy and it becomes a gas
D. the particles slow down and it becomes a solid
Question Number 9
In the process of sublimation the substance:
A. changes directly from a gas to a solid
B. changes from a liquid to a gas
C. changes from a liquid to a solid
D. changes directly from a solid to a gas
Question Number 10
When a substance contracts:
A. it is also getting colder
B. its particles are getting larger
C. its particles are getting smaller
D. it is also getting hotter