aaaaccbb Quiz
Question Number 1
what part of spech is outside
A. adjective
B. conjuction
C. preposition
D. adverb
Question Number 2
cuba is jamaicas _
A. neighbour
B. nieghbour
C. neighor
D. nieghbor
Question Number 3
which caribbean country is kensington oval located
A. barbados
B. trinidad
C. jamaica
D. guyana
Question Number 4
what is the blackman free from
A. work
B. the crop
C. slavery
D. the hotsun
Question Number 5
the cross in spiritual baptise mean
A. prayer
B. atonement
C. justice
D. deliverance
Question Number 6
the colour purple in the candles mean
A. royalty
B. fire
C. power
D. success
Question Number 7
to do work a fource must
A. move
B. lessen the weight of the object
C. decrese
D. increse
Question Number 8
synonym for pollution
A. condensation
B. rainfall
C. contamination
D. flooding
Question Number 9
what is the meaning of mean
A. average
B. percentage
C. the middle number
Question Number 10
what is the mean of 16+7+12+23+ 13+10+3
A. 84
B. 7
C. 12
D. 10
Question Number 11
the median is the
A. average
B. middle number
C. that occurs the most