**F-R-I-E-N-D-S** Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was Emma?
A. Rachels sister
B. Joey's girlfriend
C. Ross's and Rachel's baby
D. Pheobe's outside friend
Question Number 2
Who was Janis?
A. One of Joey's sisters
B. Some person they all knew in H.S
C. A really annoying ex-girlfriend of Joey
Question Number 3
Who did Janis date?
A. Joey
B. Ross
C. Chandler
D. All of the above
Question Number 4
Monica's a messy person
A. True
B. False
Question Number 5
What ended up happening when Rchel was leaving for Paris?
A. Her plane crashes
B. Ross runs after her
C. Her plane went to a different country
D. There was a delay and had to stay
Question Number 6
Who does Jennifer Aniston Play?
A. Monica
B. Chandler
C. Rachel
D. Joey
E. Ross
F. Pheobe
Question Number 7
What promise did Pheobe and Joey make together?
A. To ruin Rachel & Ross's relationship because Joey wanted Rachel and Pheobe wanted Ross
B. If they arent married by 40 then they marry eachother
C. To live together
D. One of them to end up in jail.
Question Number 8
Who was Pheobe dating that no one liked
A. A real rude guy
B. A nerd who corrected everybody
C. Someone who thought he was too cool
D. Someone who wasn't cool enough
Question Number 9
What happened when Chandler was watching Rachel's baby?
A. He dropped her
B. Broke Monica's expensive China
C. He lost her
D. She got sent to the Hospital