aaaa - My Computer quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
How do you connect to a drive on your local network?
A. My Computer -> File -> Network Drive -> Connect
B. My Computer -> Tools -> Map Network Drive
C. My Network Places -> Connect To
Question Number 2
Can you open a web page from My Computer?
A. Yes
B. No
C. If IE is your default browser
Question Number 3
Is this quiz boring?
A. Yes!!
B. No!!
C. Sorta
D. Maybe
E. Depends
F. zzzzzz...
Question Number 4
Can you add 2 graphics cards to 1 computer? If wes, what is the process called?
A. Yes - Dual graphics
B. Yes - Crossfire
C. No
D. Yes - Graphcon
E. Yes - Duocards
Question Number 5
What is my Nationality?
A. Indian
B. Canadian
C. I Dunno
D. American
E. German
F. Nazi!!!
Question Number 6
Are all th answers B?
A. Yes
B. No