a real quiz for you ! Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the definition of mass?
A. a movement
B. a body of matter
C. a physical substance
D. a line graph
E. place where you study weather
F. electricity
Question Number 2
what will happen if you have no gravity?
A. you will float
B. you will stay on the ground
C. you will slip and fall
Question Number 3
what are cirrus clouds?
A. big puffy clouds
B. small thin clouds
C. storm clouds
Question Number 4
what is a stratus cloud?
A. a storm cloud
B. small thin clouds
C. big puffy clouds
D. tornado clouds
Question Number 5
what is atmosphere?
A. a person who studies the earth
B. the general weather patterns that a place has
C. a body of matter
D. a mass of gases surrounding the earth
Question Number 6
what do you use with a pully?
A. a wedge
B. a lever
C. air pressure
D. stationary front
E. a chain
Question Number 7
what is a thermometer used for?
A. to measure air pressure
B. to measure length and width
C. to measure temperature
D. to measure weather
Question Number 8
what does a meteorologist do?
A. measures physical substance
B. studies graphs
C. studies animals
D. reports the news
E. studies machinery
F. reports and forcasts the weather
Question Number 9
what is condensation
A. the process by which vapor or gas changes to liquid
B. puffy white clouds
C. the process by which gas or air changes to liquid
D. gas which disappears
E. a body of matter
F. the process by which liquid changes to gas
Question Number 10
what is a velocity?
A. a physical substance
B. a movement
C. isobar
D. surface map
E. rapidity or speed of motion
F. net force