Greek Mythology Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was the God of the Sea ?
A. Hades
B. Zues
C. Poesiden
D. Jupiter
E. Kronous
F. Neptune
Question Number 2
Which Greek hero slayed the Medusa?
A. Perseus
B. Hercules
C. Ares
D. Apollo
E. Achilles
F. Odysseus
Question Number 3
Who killed the Minotaur in the laberinth?
A. Hercules
B. Zues
C. Theseus
D. Artemis
E. Achilles
F. Hera
Question Number 4
Hercules was the son of which Greek God?
A. Ares
B. Hades
C. Apollo
D. Poesiden
E. Zues
F. Artemis
Question Number 5
Ares was the God of .......?
A. Life
B. Sun
C. Night
D. War
E. Sea
F. Earth
Question Number 6
Who was the mesanger of the Gods?
A. Artemis
B. Hades
C. Hera
D. Apollo
E. Zues
F. Hermes
Question Number 7
Which Tiatan is famously known for holding up the sky?
A. Kronous
B. Atlas
C. Hades
D. Iapetus
E. Hephaestus
F. Demeter
Question Number 8
Which Godess openend a box which released all bad into the world?
A. Hera
B. Artemis
C. Pandora
D. Demeter
E. Persephone
F. Aphrodite