Good Luck Quiz
Question Number 1
Everyone ___________ the question.
A. knows
B. know
C. knowing
D. knowed
E. knew
F. knewed
Question Number 2
Did you_______________her about the test?
A. tells
B. told
C. tell
D. telling
E. tolds
F. telled
Question Number 3
I _________________ the brightest girl in the class.
A. is
B. are
C. am
D. isn't
E. aren't
F. ams
Question Number 4
Neither Tanya__________________ Sanya is attending the wedding.
A. nor
B. or
C. but
D. then
E. when
F. either
Question Number 5
Amelia is ______________ to the function.
A. went
B. was
C. going
Question Number 6
I looked ______________the east, admiring the rising sun.
A. at
B. over
C. from
D. towards
E. forwards
F. infront
Question Number 7
Kelly took the radio____________________ the repair shop last Monday.
A. put
B. under
C. to
D. at
E. through
F. for
Question Number 8
What is arranged in alphabetical order?
A. karate,kennel,kneel
B. karate, kneel,kennnel
C. kennel,karate,kneel
D. kennel,kneel,karate
Question Number 9
I bought a pair of beautiful shoes they are______________
A. him
B. yours
C. ours
D. mine
E. them
F. their's
Question Number 10
Do you know how______________________calculate time?
A. how
B. to
C. you