Do you know Johnny Depp? Quiz
Question Number 1
What are his children's names?
A. Charlie Depp and Lily Depp
B. Harry Depp and Jack Depp
C. Charlie Depp and Harry Depp
D. Lily-Rose Melody Depp and Jack Depp
Question Number 2
When is Johnny Depp born?
A. June 9th 1968
B. July 9th 1968
C. June 9th 1963
D. August 7th 1964
Question Number 3
Which Character does he play in Pirates of the Caribbean?
A. Will Turner
B. Jack Sparrow
C. Bootstrap
D. Barbossa
Question Number 4
In the movie, Edward Scissorhands, who falls in love with Edward?
A. Kim
B. Margaret
C. Jenny
D. Ruby
Question Number 5
What is Johnny Depp's natural hair colour?
A. Brown
B. Black
C. Blonde
D. Strawberry Blonde
Question Number 6
Which of these movies does Johnny Depp play in?
A. Harry Potter
B. Sweeny Todd
C. Avatar
D. Titanic
Question Number 7
Whose name does he have tattoed on his heart?
A. His daughter's
B. His Mother's
C. His son's
D. His father's
Question Number 8
Who is Johnny Depp with now? (2011)
A. Kate Moss
B. Vanessa Paridis
C. Ruby Heath
D. J.K Rowling
Question Number 9
How old will he be next year? (2012)
A. 48
B. 49
C. 36
D. 42