Napoleon Quiz
Question Number 1
What is Napoleons pet's name?
A. Fluffy
B. Patty
C. Gina
D. Wanda
E. Lucky
F. Tina
Question Number 2
What animal is she?
A. cow
B. dog
C. llama
D. bird
E. horse
F. cat
Question Number 3
What is considered to be Napoleon's last name?
A. Kip
B. Dynamite
C. LLama
D. Smith
E. Bonaparte
F. Nachos
Question Number 4
Describe Napoleon's hair.
A. curly
B. straight
C. weird
D. curly and straight
E. short and straight
F. ugly
Question Number 5
Who is Napoleon's best friend?
A. Padre
B. Pete
C. Frank
D. Joe Blow
E. Pedro
F. Llama
Question Number 6
What does Napoleon compliment on the girl he takes to the dance?
A. eyes
B. sleeves
C. dress
D. pants
E. shoes
F. hair