WWE Quiz
Question Number 1
When did Jeff Hardy left Smack Down?
A. 1998
B. 2010
C. 2011
D. 2007
E. 2000
F. 1890
Question Number 2
Who replace Jeff Hardy?
A. The Rock
B. Booker T
C. The Sting
D. Suicide
E. Undertaker
F. Terry Funk
Question Number 3
Why Jeff Hardy has to do that?
A. He tired
B. He'd been fired
C. He lost fighting with Chris Jericho
D. He lost in a cage match
E. He has issue
F. He afraid fighting with (answer Q.2)
Question Number 4
Sin Cara's name (Blue)
A. Mistico
B. Hunico
C. Mysterio
D. Carlito
E. Primo
F. Perfecto
Question Number 5
Sin Cara's name (Black)
A. Chavo
B. Casio
C. Mistico
D. Perfecto
E. Diablo
F. Hunico