Question Number 1
what club team does messi play for
A. arsenal
B. real madrid
C. barcelona
D. mexico
E. manchester united
F. santos
Question Number 2
who is the best legend soccer player in the world
A. pele
B. maradona
C. george best
D. george weah
E. neymar
F. thierre hunrey
Question Number 3
what shape is a soccer ball
A. square
B. rond
C. round
D. triangle
E. ?????????????
F. i dont know?????????
Question Number 4
what is a bicycle kick
A. a normal shoot
B. backflip kick
C. header
D. volley
E. i kick in the air
F. ?????????????
Question Number 5
who were the world cup winners 2011
A. france
B. england
C. germany
D. spain
E. netherlands
F. ghana
Question Number 6
what does juggling mean
A. kicking the ball without touching the ground
B. using your hands to juggle
C. running
D. kissing
E. ?????????????