Christmas Movies Quiz
Question Number 1
In A Christmas Carol, what does Ebenezer Scrooge do to someone who greets him a holiday greeting?
A. Says"Whatever..."
B. Ignores them
C. Says "Bah, Humbug"
D. Says it back to them
E. Acts confused
F. Screams and runs away
Question Number 2
In Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, why is Hermie a misfit?
A. Because he wears a weird looking hat
B. Because he has bigger eyes than all of the other elves
C. Because he has a dry sense of humor
D. Because he didn't sing very good
E. Because He was hungry all the time
F. Because He didn't like to make toys
Question Number 3
In Frosty The Snowman, what is the rabbit's(who was in the magicians hat)name?
A. Cuddles
B. Snowball
C. Beans
D. Hocus-Pocus
E. Abra-Cadabra
F. Presto
Question Number 4
In Home alone, how does Kevin hide from the robbers when they are chasing him down the road?
A. In a tree
B. In a bush
C. In the church
D. In the nativity scene
E. In the snow
F. In a house
Question Number 5
In A Charlie Brown Christmas, who tells Charlie Brown what the real meaning of Christmas is?
A. Sally
B. Linus
C. Lucy
D. PigPen
E. Snoopy
F. Woodstock
Question Number 6
In How the Grinch Stole Christmas,What item(s) does the Grinch take first?
A. Stockings
B. Who Hash
C. Christmas Tree
D. Wreaths
E. Toys
F. The Children's Candy Canes
Question Number 7
In the new movie The Polar Express, what does the boy ask from santa when he is picked to get the first gift of Christmas?
A. Playstation 2
B. Baseball and Bat
C. A digital camera
D. A car
E. A bell from his sleigh
F. Candy
Question Number 8
In Christmas with the Kranks, what is Nora and Luther's daughter's name?
A. Britney
B. Bethany
C. Bessie
D. Brenda
E. Barbara
F. Blair
Question Number 9
In Home Alone 2, where does Kevin end up this time?
A. In Italy
B. In New York
C. In Virginia
D. In Hawaii
E. In England
F. In Austrailia