A Very Easy Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What supports the body tube of a Microscope?
A. Arm
B. Eyepiece
C. Course Focus
D. Fine Focus
Question Number 2
Which of the following processes is responsible for the continuation of the species?
A. circulation
B. excretion
C. reproduction
D. respiration
Question Number 3
The following animals are examples of crustaceans EXCEPT:
A. crab
B. crayfish
C. scorpion
D. shrimp
Question Number 4
What planet is the hottest?
A. Mercury
B. Mars
C. Venus
D. Jupiter
Question Number 5
Which of the following is NOT a metamorphic rock?
A. gneiss
B. marble
C. quartzite
D. sandstone
Question Number 6
During what age does puberty set in?
A. Between the ages of 6-10
B. Between the ages of 9-13
C. Between the ages of 11-19
D. Between the ages of 20-25
Question Number 7
Which of the following ailments affects a person's lungs?
A. Asthma
B. Sinusitis
C. Tonsilitis
D. Tuberculosis
Question Number 8
What happens to the blood when it reaches the kidneys?
A. It is cleansed of its waste materials
B. It is passed out as urine
C. It is stored in the urinary system
D. It absorbs the wastes form kidneys.
Question Number 9
Which of the following has respiratory as well as excretory functions?
A. rectum
B. lung
C. large intestine
D. kidney
Question Number 10
Emily is planting a bean in her garden pot. A few weeks later it died because of what?
A. Not fertilizing the plant
B. Not watering the plant
C. Ignoring the plant
D. She doesn't care about her plant
Question Number 11
The smallest whole bit of each kind of matter is
A. an atom
B. an electron
C. a molecile
D. a proton
Question Number 12
Matter which flows and takes the shape of the container is classified as
A. gas
B. liquid
C. plasma
D. solid
Question Number 13
Which of the following is not a first class lever?
A. seesaw
B. pair of scissors
C. nutcraker
D. crowbar
Question Number 14
Which of the following is a use of a screw?
A. cuts or splits objects
B. holds things together
C. balance the head and the cylinder
D. raise an object to a higher place
Question Number 15
Which of the examples below changes the direction of a force?
A. bicycle
B. compound
C. knife
D. pulley