6 kingdoms Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the harmest flavor of a cigarette?
A. nicotine
B. rocks
C. fluoride
D. silk
E. cotton
F. nitrogen
Question Number 2
what may cause the soil to become useless?
A. dead plants
B. dead animals
C. to much mud and rocks
D. used oil and gasoline
Question Number 3
what may cause water pollution?
A. rocks, soil, and sand
B. minerals, corals, and sea weeds
C. fish, and other marine animals
D. dead animals, garbage and plastics
Question Number 4
when plants and animals die they become part of the soil as
A. clay soil
B. sandy soil
C. humus
D. loam soil
Question Number 5
have much water does the earth have?
A. the earth is all water
B. the earths water is just enough
C. 3/4's of the earth is water
D. 1/2 of the earth is water
E. there"s no water in earth
F. 100% of water does the earth have
Question Number 6
from what part of a flower does the fruit develop?
A. ovule
B. ovary
C. stigma
D. pollen
E. petals
F. spectacles
Question Number 7
what causes day and night?
A. earths rotation on its axis
B. elliptical orbit of the earth
C. earths revolution around the sun
D. the distance of the earth from the sun
E. its shape
F. its color
Question Number 8
which is he proper way of conserving plants?
A. cut the big trees in the forest and makes them into fireworks.
B. set the forest on fire.
C. cultivate the plants and protect them from harmful insects and animals
D. step or trample newly planted seedlings.
E. throwing garbage everywhere.
F. pull newly planted seedlings.
Question Number 9
what are clouds made of?
A. smoke
B. steam
C. water vapor
D. water only
Question Number 10
which of the ff. materials is solid?
A. shampoo
B. eraser
C. oil
D. juice
E. soy
F. vinegar