biology quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
In which season Houbara bustardmigrates to PAKISTAN & settles here?
A. summer
B. autunm
C. winter
D. spring
Question Number 2
which organism take food & shelter from living hosts?
A. parasites
B. bacteria
C. virus
D. prokaryotes
E. eukaryotes
F. both d & e
Question Number 3
Who is known as the founder of medicine ?
A. jabir bin hayan
B. bu ali sina
C. abdul malik asmai
D. ronald ross
E. A.F.A. king
F. louis pasteur
Question Number 4
which mosquito transmits dengue fever ?
A. anopheles
B. culex
C. plasmodium
D. aedes
E. none of the above
Question Number 5
A cross between a male donkey & a female horse produces ?
A. mule
B. infertile ass
C. infertile horse
D. wild ass
E. infertile mule
Question Number 6
scientific name for humans ?
A. pisum sativum
B. allium cepa
C. homo sapiens
D. homo
E. brassica compestris
F. rana tigrina
Question Number 7
viruses are at the borderline of ?
A. living
B. non - living
C. cystal - mlike structures
D. both a & b
E. none of the above
Question Number 8
the method of giving scientific names to living organisms is called :
A. scientific name
B. binomial nomenclature
C. specie name
D. genus name
E. both c & d
F. none of above
Question Number 9
which is known as the national animal of pakistan ?
A. marco polo sheep
B. indus dolphin
C. tiger
D. deer
E. rhinoceros
F. markhor
Question Number 10
the use of microscope is known as :
A. microscopy
B. magnification
C. resolving power
D. both b & c
E. none of above
Question Number 11
a photograph taken through a microscope is called a :
A. magnification
B. resolution
C. resolving power
D. both b & c
E. micrograph
F. both a & e
Question Number 12
TEM means
A. transmission electron microscope
B. typical electron microscope
C. triangled electron microscope
D. both b & c
E. none of the above