dhanushka Quiz
Question Number 1
Which country does the capital 'colombo' belongs to?
A. India
B. Sri lanka
C. Nepal
D. Ireland
E. Nicaragua
F. Italy
Question Number 2
This country is famous for windmills, it is
A. Great Britain
B. Germany
C. Netherlands
D. Finland
E. Norway
F. Canada
Question Number 3
The capital of Tasmania is?
A. Canberra
B. Dhaka
C. Rome
D. Managua
E. Hobart
F. Oslo
Question Number 4
Japan is famous for
A. Sakura flowers
B. Sun flowers
C. Jerbra
D. Barbaten
E. Anthuriem
Question Number 5
According to the HDI ratings the country in 4th place is
A. Norway
B. United States Of America
C. Australia
D. England
E. India
F. Bangladesh
Question Number 6
The largest country in the world is
A. China
B. India
C. United States Of America
D. Russia
E. Australia
F. Sudan
Question Number 7
'Urdu' language belongs to
A. Pakistan
B. Iran
C. Armenia
D. Kiribati
E. Samoa
F. Iraq
Question Number 8
The Berj Al Arab hotel has
A. 3 stars
B. 4 stars
C. 5 stars
D. 6 stars
E. 7 stars
F. 8 stars
Question Number 9
The highest percentage of winning in a presidental election was won by
A. Barack Obama
B. Hugo chavez
C. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad
D. Benasir Bhuto
E. Mahinda Rajapaksha
F. Angela Merkel
Question Number 10
'Antananarivo' is the capital of
A. New Zealend
B. Fiji
C. Venezuela
D. Komaros
E. Maldives
F. Madagaskar