geography quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Which country has the largest population?
A. China
B. India
C. Russia
D. Japan
E. United States
F. Canada
Question Number 2
Which part of Canada has the most volcanoes?
A. Western Canada
B. Northern Canada
C. Southern Canada
Question Number 3
Which is the richest country in the world?
A. Norway
B. United States
C. Canada
D. Turkey
E. Qatar
F. Singapor
Question Number 4
Which country has the most immgrants to Canada
A. China
B. India
C. Philippines
D. Iran
E. France
F. Korea
Question Number 5
How many oceans are in the world?
A. 5
B. 8
C. 7
D. 6
E. 4
F. 9
Question Number 6
How many countries are on earth?
A. 200
B. 150
C. 100
D. 195
E. 250
F. 198