the geograpy of israel Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the Lowest plac in israel?
A. Jerusalem
B. Haifa
C. Eilat
D. tal aviv
E. london
F. the dead sea
Question Number 2
whice city is the capital of israel?
A. tal aviv
B. Jerusalem
C. Tiberias
D. Petah Tikva
E. toronto
F. eilat
Question Number 3
what is the afical Language in israel?
A. english
B. French
C. Hebrew
D. Arabic
E. they dont tolk
F. Spanish
Question Number 4
what is the ofical religion in israel?
A. Judaism
B. Christianity
C. Islam
D. all the answers are rhight
Question Number 5
What is the most comnt plac that u can visit in israel?
A. museums
B. malls
C. the bech
D. the park
E. the zoo
Question Number 6
What dish represented Israel?
A. Banana
B. pasta
C. sushi
D. Falafel
E. tea
F. soup
Question Number 7
how many peopel are thay in israel?
A. 200,200
B. 4,000,000
C. 22,000,100
D. 7,000,000
E. 10,000,000