Capital Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the capital of British Columbia?
A. Victoria
B. Burnaby
C. Surrey
D. Vancouver
E. New Westminster
Question Number 2
Where is the Parliament Hill in Canada?
A. Toronto
B. Calgary
C. Edmonton
D. Ottawa
E. Vancouver
F. Montreal
Question Number 3
What Ocean borders the East coast of Canada?
A. Pacific
B. Arctic
C. Atlantic
D. Southern
Question Number 4
What is the capital of P.E.I ?
A. Stratford
B. Charlottetown
C. Thunder Bay
D. North Bay
E. Yellowknife
Question Number 5
What is the capital of the Yukon?
A. Yellowknife
B. Coquitlam
C. Regina
D. Saskatoon
E. Whitehorse
F. Iqaluit
Question Number 6
Capital of the North West Territories (N.W.T) ?
A. Cape Breton
B. Yellowknife
C. Whitehorse
D. North Bay
E. Halifax
Question Number 7
How many provinces are in Canada?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 13
D. 11
E. 6
F. 10