are you genius Quiz
Question Number 1
Nigeria's largest city and chief port is
A. Kanos
B. Lagos
C. Ibadan
D. Abuja
Question Number 2
served two purposes for Europeans - to supply raw materials for their factories and to provide
A. new markets for their products.
B. jobs for unemployed workers.
C. farmland
D. a labor force
Question Number 3
apartheid in South Africa was
A. against the law.
B. official government policy.
C. ignored by the government.
D. accepted by the people.
Question Number 4
African National Congress was to unite Africans to
A. accept apartheid.
B. support pass laws.
C. better their conditions.
D. form their own government.
Question Number 5
Which of the following methods of bringing about change did Desmond M. Tutu recommend?
A. sanctions by other nations
B. violent overthrow of the government
C. peaceful demonstrations
D. acceptance of apartheid
Question Number 6
Which of the following actions by the global community brought about changes in South African government policies?
A. letters from political leaders
B. aid to anti-apartheid groups
C. military intervention
D. economic sanctions
Question Number 7
The basic aim of development is to
A. improve quality of life
B. become industrialized
C. discover new resources
D. overthrow governments
Question Number 8
Which of the following conditions have almost all African nations south of the Sahara experienced during the past 30 years?
A. food shortages
B. economic prosperity
C. widespread flooding
D. peace