Spongebob Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Who is Mr. Krabís arch nemesis?
A. Spongebob
Question Number 2
Who is Mr. Krabís arch nemesis?
A. Spongebob
B. Plankton
C. Patrick
Question Number 3
What instrument does Squidward play?
A. clarinet
B. oboe
C. guitar
Question Number 4
Who is the driver's ed.?
A. Pearl
B. Mr. Krabs
C. Mrs. Puff
Question Number 5
Spongebob lives in a what?
A. pineapple
B. pear
C. pie
Question Number 6
What is Gary?
A. Raccoon
B. cat
C. snail
Question Number 7
what is Patrick's last name?
A. Circle
B. Star
C. Shape
Question Number 8
What is Spongebob's occupation?
A. fry cook
B. waiter
C. cashier
Question Number 9
whpo are the heroes of Bikini Bottom?
A. Mermaid Man & Barnacle
B. Squidward & Sandy
C. Spongebob & patrick
Question Number 10
Where does Spongebob work at?
A. the anchor restaraunt
B. th krusty Towers
C. the krusty Krab
Question Number 11
when Spongebob gets sic, what is the virus called?
A. the flu
B. the suds
C. hypothermia
Question Number 12
What is Mr. krabs obsessed with?
A. his daughter, Pearl
B. money
C. the Krusty Krab
Question Number 13
What is plankton aways after?
A. the secret krabby patty formula
B. gold
C. money
Question Number 14
Where did Sandy use to live?
A. Ohio
B. Flordia
C. Texas
Question Number 15
What is the Ghost of Bikini Bottom also known as?
A. the flying dutchman
B. the ghost of Bikini Bottom
C. evil spirit