History quiz for grade 6 Quiz
Question Number 1
The process of reading and understanding inscriptions is known as what?
A. Archaeology
B. Decipherment
C. Epigraphy
D. Numinastics
Question Number 2
The study of coins often provides us information about:
A. The eating habits of the people
B. The main occupation of the people of the time
C. The names of kings and queens of the time
D. The architecture of the time
Question Number 3
People invented the plough, the wheeled cart, the sail boat, and learnt to mix metals during the:
A. Paleolithic age
B. Mesolithic age
C. Neolithic age
D. Chalcolithic age
Question Number 4
The most striking feature of the Indus valley civilization is:
A. The well-planned nature of its cities
B. The massive architecture of its cities
C. The script developed by the people
D. The highly advanced system of agriculture practiced by its farmers
Question Number 5
Who is the author of indica?
A. Selukos nikator
B. Alexander
C. Megasthenes
D. Chandragupta Maurya
Question Number 6
What is an empire?
A. A group of states under a single ruler
B. Government with the ruler having absolute power
C. Army unit consisting of foot soldiers
D. Army unit consisting of soldiers who fight on horseback..