sportsmasala Quiz
Question Number 1
who score 400 in test matches
A. sachin tendulkar
B. ricky ponting
C. brian lara
Question Number 2
who is known as indian master blaster
A. dhoni
B. virat kohli
C. sachin tendulkar
Question Number 3
who won 1st cricket world cup
A. india
B. england
C. west indies
Question Number 4
where was 1st olympic held
A. athens
B. paris
C. london
Question Number 5
what is the national game of japan
A. judo
B. cricket
C. bull fighting
Question Number 6
who won t20 world cup 2012
A. india
B. west indies
C. sri lanka
Question Number 7
who awarded by cricketer of the year 2012
A. sangakkara
B. ricky ponting
C. virat kohli
Question Number 8
where was olympic 2016 held
A. brazil
B. australia
C. india
Question Number 9
how many gold medals india won in olympics 2012
A. 2
B. 0
C. 75
Question Number 10
who is the captain of indian cricket team
A. virat kohli
B. dravid
C. m.s dhoni