Football(Soccer) Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the nationality of Diego Maradona?
A. Mali
B. Argentina
C. America
D. Brazil
E. Italy
F. Singapore
Question Number 2
In which team Franz Beckenbauer was before he retired?
A. Inter Milan
B. SV Werder Bremen
C. Nottingham Forest
D. Bayern Munchen
E. Olympique Lyonnais
F. Ac Siena
Question Number 3
Who (is)(are) (a) player(s) that is now playing for FC Barcelona?
A. Pepe
B. Wayne Rooney
C. Samuel Eto'o
D. Franck Ribery
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
Question Number 4
What is the first name of the national German goalkeeper Neuer?
A. Diego
B. Ricardo
C. Emanuel
D. Victor
E. Micheal
F. Franz
Question Number 5
What is the position of Pepe Reina?
A. Goalkeeper
B. Midfielder
C. Defender
D. Attacker
E. B and D
F. B and C
Question Number 6
Who was the only scorer in the final of 2010 world cup?
A. Lionel Messi
B. Robin Van Persie
C. Kaka
D. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
E. Andres Iniesta
F. Cristiano Ronaldo