spongebob squarepants Quiz
Question Number 1
in the first episode of spongebob, where does spongebob get a job at?
A. Krusty krab
B. krusty krab
C. the krusty krab
D. krussty krabb
Question Number 2
why does squidward hate spongebob
A. because he is annoying af
B. because spongebob cheated on him
C. because he works in the same place as him
D. because spongebob molested him
Question Number 3
who is spongebobs lover?
A. patrick
B. sandy cheeks
C. squidward
D. mr.krabs
E. plankton
F. all of the above
Question Number 4
in bossy boots what does mr krabs eat at the end
A. pearls butt
B. sandy cheeks pussy
C. pizza
D. rubber boots
E. all of the above
Question Number 5
where does spongebob live
A. in a pineapple
B. in a glass of fruit punch
C. in an apple
D. timmy turners fish bowl
E. in cabo mexico
Question Number 6
is spongebob gay
A. yes
B. no
C. he is bi sexual
D. he doesnt love anybody
E. all of the above
F. shi googly!!