Bodybuilding Quiz
Question Number 1
Who won the most Mr. Olympia?
A. Dorian Yates
B. Lee Haney
C. Arnold Schwarzenegger
D. Larry Scott
E. Ronnie Coleman
F. tied between Coleman and Haney
Question Number 2
Who is the most popular bodybuilder of all times?
A. Tom Platz
B. Paul Demayo
C. Ronnie Coleman
D. Arnold Schwarzenegger
E. Bob Cicherillo
F. Jay Cutler
Question Number 3
Who was the biggest "Fruit" in the 2005 Mr. Olympia?
A. Jay Cutler
B. Markus Ruhl
C. Gunter Schlierkamp
D. Ronnie Coleman
E. Dennis James
Question Number 4
Who was the strongest bodybuilder in the 2005 Mr. O?
A. Jonnie O. Jackson
B. Dexter Jackson
C. Arnold Schwarzenegger
D. Frank Zane
E. Ronnie Coleman
F. Mustafa Mohamed
Question Number 5
Who was competing in the 2005 Mr. O that got shot a couple of times?
A. Quincy Taylor
B. Dave Hawk
C. David Henry
D. Mike Sheridan
E. George Farah
F. Craig Titus
Question Number 6
Who had the craziest hairdoo at the 2005 Mr. O.
A. Jay Cutler
B. Art Atwood
C. Ronnie Rockel
D. Mike Sheridan
E. Zone Capone
F. Branch Warren
Question Number 7
Who many Mr. Olympia Arnold holds?
A. 7
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5
E. 3
F. 9