Genetics Quiz
Question Number 1
Meiosis is the process of making...
A. food
C. sex cells
D. humans
Question Number 2
Mitosis is the makindg of....
A. sex cells
B. any cell in the body
C. fingernails
D. organisams
Question Number 3
The sperm enters through the? (on a flower)
A. ovary
B. stigma
C. ovule
D. pedal
Question Number 4
The phenotype and genotype of a person is...
A. speech & walk
B. feel & love
C. apperance & letters of genes
D. none of the above
Question Number 5
When breeding Pp*Ppwhat is the ratio?
A. 4:0
B. 7:1
C. 2:2
D. 3:1