soccer Quiz
Question Number 1
what soccer team won the most world cups
A. spain
B. russia
C. brazil
D. argentina
E. portugal
F. netherlands
Question Number 2
who made the trick maradona
A. diego
B. lionel
C. cristiano
D. wayne
E. angel
F. luis
Question Number 3
Question Number 4
how many games are in the english premier leauge
A. 1,234
B. 128
C. 490
D. 555
E. 654
F. 346
Question Number 5
who is the the captain of real madrid
A. cristiano ronaldo
B. lionel messi
C. angel di maria
D. luis nani
E. sergio ramos
F. marcelo
Question Number 6
who is ronaldo's wife
A. gara
B. irina
C. maryum
D. gloria
E. hannanah
F. niomi