Religion, History, Geography Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the world's most common religion?
A. Christianity
B. Buddhism
C. Hinduism
D. Muslim
Question Number 2
Which city ranks as the world's most populous city (2002)?
A. New York (US)
B. Mexico City (Mexico)
C. Tokyo (Japan)
D. Shanghai (China)
Question Number 3
What is the second largest country (in size) in the world?
B. China
C. Canada
D. Russia
Question Number 4
Which country below is not one of the members of the UN security council (Jan 2003)?
B. China
C. Germany
D. France
Question Number 5
The longest river in the world is:
A. Amazon (Brazil)
B. Nile (Egypt)
C. Yangtze (China)
D. Congo (Zaire)
Question Number 6
What's the world's most widely spoken language?
A. English
B. Spanish
C. Mandarin
D. French
Question Number 7
Which continent is host to the most countries in the world?
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Europe