icarly Quiz
Question Number 1
who has a crush on carly
A. fredie
B. gibby
C. sicowitz
D. specer
E. sam
F. beck
Question Number 2
who is sam
A. fredie girlfriend
B. carly best friend
C. spencer child
D. misses bensen son
Question Number 3
whao always try to ruin icarly
A. sam
B. gibby
C. specer
D. nevel
E. beck
Question Number 4
what is carly best at
A. swinging
B. dancing
C. kissing
D. eating
E. singing
Question Number 5
what is sam favourite food
A. rice and chicken
B. spageti and tacos
C. smooties and dounuts
D. chicken and ribs
Question Number 6
who is carly brother
A. teboo
B. fredie
C. sam
D. spencer
E. ion