Mean girls trivia Quiz
Question Number 1
Who is the star of Mean Girls?
A. Amanda Seyfried
B. Lucy Hale
C. Cady Lohan
D. Jamie Lee Curtis
E. Lindsay Lohan
F. Demi Moore
Question Number 2
What is the first name of the actress that portrays Gretchin?
A. Amanda
B. Rachel
C. Lisa
D. Shelby
E. Lacey
F. Veronica
Question Number 3
What colour do the plastics wear on Wednesdays?
A. Blue
B. Pink
C. Whatever they want
D. Sweatpants
E. Purple
F. Red
Question Number 4
Which of the following is not a plastic rule?
A. On Wednesdays we wear pink
B. Ex. Boyfriends are off limits
C. You can only wear skirts on Mondays
D. You can only wear sweatpants on Fridays
E. You can only wear your hair up once a week
F. They are all plastic rules
Question Number 5
Which is a false fact about Gretchin?
A. Her father invented toaster strudel
B. She has a silver lexis
C. So fetch
D. She becomes friends with the cool Asians
E. She celebrates honukka
F. She messed up the Christmas dance
Question Number 6
Which of the following is not a Karen quote?
A. Karen is not even a character
B. "You wanna go to Taco Bell"
C. "Well I can tell when it's raining"
D. "Why are you white"
E. "I can fit my whole fist in my mouth"
F. They are all Karen quotes except for A
Question Number 7
Where did Cady move from?
A. Atlanta
B. Australia
C. Sweden
D. Africa
E. South America
F. China