Television tv Quiz
Question Number 1
What TV show has the quote
A. That's so raven
B. Good luck Charlie
C. Jessie
D. Dog with a blog
Question Number 2
What TV show features a foreign person often
A. Jessie
B. Good luck Charlie
C. Dog with a blog
D. The rabids
E. Finding nemo
Question Number 3
What person on TV makes video diaries
A. Charlie
B. Avery
C. Stan
D. Teddy
E. Jessie
Question Number 4
What is ravi's catch phrase
A. Hotdog
B. Snapper doodle doo
C. Good luck Charlie
D. This is my playhouse and your living in it
Question Number 5
What is pj known for
A. His hair
B. His cooking
C. How he's dumb
D. Playing doll house
Question Number 6
In full house who did Becky not date before
A. Jessie
B. Danny
C. Joey
Question Number 7
When you here the phrase little red head who do you think of on tv
A. Little red riding hood
B. Chloe
C. Teddy
D. Stephanie tanner
Question Number 8
Who on television has some awesome dance moves
A. Luke
B. Ravi
C. Tyler
D. Stan
Question Number 9
What is Tyler a genius at
A. Bike riding
B. Cooking
C. Math
D. Eating meat
Question Number 10
what is the name of the band who features Ash
A. Ferrets
B. Gophers
C. Weasels
D. Teenage rock band
E. Ash and gophers
Question Number 11
What is teddy good at
A. Knitting
B. Dancing
C. Singing
D. Rapping
Question Number 12
Does Michelle have a twin
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 13
Mighty men is a tv show true or false
A. True
B. False
Question Number 14
Avery loves school and....
A. Drawing
B. Art
C. Sleeping
D. Being short
Question Number 15
Stan is a..
A. Pigeon
B. Cat
C. Dog
D. Talking dog