Movies Quiz
Question Number 1
Who do you think dies out of home and away
A. Heath
B. Irion
C. Beunka
D. Riki
E. The baby
F. Dr
Question Number 2
Out of Dora what's the monkeys name
A. Dora
B. Boot
C. Dego
D. Louis
E. Caysee
F. Booties
Question Number 3
Out of 1d is my second fav
A. Niall
B. Liam
C. Louis
D. Harry
E. Zayn
F. Matty b
Question Number 4
Out of barbie what is barbies boyfriend name
A. Kene
B. Kane
C. Kan
D. Can
E. Canee
F. Cami
Question Number 5
What movie is the rock in
A. Tooth fairy2
B. Tooth fairyie
C. Toth farie
D. Tooth fairy
E. Blblblblbblblblb
F. Hey
Question Number 6
Question Number 7
What does Steven sagol do
A. Act
B. Sing
C. Dance
D. Party
E. Fight
F. Sing