Civics Quiz
Question Number 1
Who is the Chief Justice of the US?
A. Solon
B. Biden
C. Roberts
D. Obama
Question Number 2
Where will/were the 2014 Winter Olympics be held?
A. Beijing
B. Olympia
C. Sochi
D. Moscow
Question Number 3
Janent Yellen is
A. The Federal Reserve Chairperson
B. The Chief executive
C. A US Senator
D. A representative
Question Number 4
Who is the Secretary of State?
A. Adams
B. Kerry
C. Biden
D. Roberts
Question Number 5
The leader of Iran?
A. Putin
B. Rowhani
C. Talaboni
D. Carzi
Question Number 6
What was the first European colony?
A. St. Augustine
B. Philadelphia
C. Plymouth
D. Jamestown
Question Number 7
What is an amendment?
A. A stretch of the constitution
B. A promise
C. An approval
D. A change to the constitution
Question Number 8
What is a precedent?
A. The beginning of the constitution
B. An example that may be used in judges decisions
C. The right to vote
D. A tax based on income
Question Number 9
Powers set aside for states and people
A. Delegated powers
B. Reserved powers
C. Concurrent powers
Question Number 10
Who is the leader of Afghanistan?
A. Kim Yong Un
B. Cameron
C. Talaboni
D. Carzi