language arts mock test Quiz
Question Number 1
where can the Gordon House be found
A. montego bay
B. trelawny
C. kingston
D. falmouth
E. clarendon
F. ochi rios
Question Number 2
what is the name of the femle national hero
A. paul bogle
B. nanny of the maroons
C. marcus garvey
D. sir alexander bustamante
E. norman manley
F. donald sagster
Question Number 3
add 5955+95+2345
A. 5959
B. 8299
C. 10981
D. 109
E. 8395
F. 8295
Question Number 4
what puncutation mark should be placed for the sentence. watch out for that bus_
A. !
B. *
C. .
D. ?
E. :
F. ;
Question Number 5
the young girl is _mature
A. in
B. un
C. dis
D. im
E. in
F. um
Question Number 6
the young girl is