Dragonball z quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Who is the son of goku
A. mahlong denilson
B. Kingkai
C. Gohan
D. Sasuke uchiha
E. Madara
F. Piccolo
Question Number 2
Who is the voice actor of vegeta
A. Christopher sabat
B. Denilson
C. Justin bieber
D. sean schemell
E. Miley cyrus
F. Your self
Question Number 3
What do goten & trunks call themselfs when they fused
A. Barek opama
B. Gotrunks
C. Susanoo
D. Gotenks
E. Madara
F. Nothing
Question Number 4
What is goku's full names
A. SON goku
B. Mahlong goku
C. Jin goku
D. Ur surname
E. Killer bee
F. None
Question Number 5
Who killed frieza
A. Goku
B. Trunks
C. Itachi with the susanoo
D. Naruto
E. Orochimaru
F. Piccolo with the sharingan
Question Number 6
who is vegeta's son
A. Trunks
B. Goku
C. King yema
D. Lil vegeta
E. Denilson
F. My self
Question Number 7
Who is the legendary super saiyan
A. Broly
B. Janemba
C. Kakashi
D. Super kai
E. of cause my self what do you expects
F. i dont know im dum
Question Number 8
The last quiz what do saiyans become when they transform
A. Look at E
B. Now look at F
C. Now look at D
D. I rock !!!
E. Look at B
F. Dont you see C