brain teaser Quiz
Question Number 1
who is a skilled worker?
Question Number 2
what is resources
A. things that helps us in our daily life
B. things that refers to the set of things made by man
C. things that are made by god
D. does not improve living
E. lower goals
F. least wealth
Question Number 3
what is human resources
A. gold
B. clay
C. diamond
D. it is business
E. it is classification
F. it refers to a set of individuals
Question Number 4
what is renewable resources
A. it cannot be replaced
B. it can be used for sunlight
C. it can be replaced
Question Number 5
what is technology
A. the use of bad ness
B. the use of knowledge and tools
C. lack of knowledge
Question Number 6
who is a unskill worker
A. have form of skills
B. have a little form of skills
C. hahave no form of skill
Question Number 7
who is a professional worker
A. have special training
B. have a limited amount of traing
Question Number 8
who is a semiskilled woker
A. have limited amount of skill
B. have no skill at all