are you reae meaning of the words/o givdy t Quiz
Question Number 1
what could be the meaning of the word COMMEMORATE
A. to answer the queries
B. to remind someone about something that took place in the past
C. knowledge
D. improve the memory skills
E. sympathy towards poor
F. have a great feeling of love
Question Number 2
doing things in a secret way
A. shaggy
B. stubborn
C. ridiculous
D. blabby
E. sneaky
F. ferocious
Question Number 3
the synonym of hard working is
A. diligence
B. persistent
C. panter
D. gasper
E. persieverence
F. arrogant
Question Number 4
the antonym of OPTIMISTIC is
A. ferocious
B. haughty
C. federal
D. atomistic
E. pessimistic
F. wicked