Are you stupid Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
where is Justin Bieber from?
A. Australia
B. China
C. America
D. Canada
E. Japan
F. Afghanistan
Question Number 2
Are Canadians...
A. People who live in igloos
B. People the same as Americans (but a little nicer)
C. People who live in shacks and go to work riding huskeys
D. Hillbilly's
E. People who swing from tree to tree
F. Animals
Question Number 3
What do you call states in Canada
A. Provinces/Territory's
B. Reserves
C. States
D. Main city's
E. kingdoms
F. Countrys
Question Number 4
what is illegal ALL over north america
A. hugging Baby's
B. gay marraige
C. 12 year olds watching 13+ movies
D. being a guy
E. smoking marijuana
F. killing people