Justin's quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What do bats use to tell how far an object is
A. Watching
B. Echo sounding
C. Seeing
D. Hearing
Question Number 2
Which scientist discovered force
A. George bush
B. Hugh shearer
C. Sir Isaac Newton
D. Portia Simpson
Question Number 3
In dim light the pupils
A. Expand
B. Contract
C. Small up
D. Falls out
Question Number 4
What type of root is carrot
A. Tap root
B. Water root
C. Fiberous root
Question Number 5
Which soil is crumbly
A. Clay
B. Sand
C. Loam
Question Number 6
Which soil is smooth
A. Caly
B. Clay
C. Loam
D. Sand
Question Number 7
Which soil is best for plants
A. Loam
B. Silver
C. Sand
D. Crust
Question Number 8
What is the innermost layer of the earth
A. Mantle
B. Crust
C. Core